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Community Health Needs Assessment | Financial Assistance

Inland Hospital Community Benefit Overview

*Inland Hospital's Community Benefit program is closed for 2018 and announcements will be made in early June. Please refer to the Community Benefit Grant Program section below for more information.

Inland Hospital Mission Statement
Inland’s mission is “to care for and serve our community” and we proudly live that mission inside and outside of the hospital and medical practices. We consider it a priority to contribute in many different ways to the health and well-being of the people in the communities we serve.

Please learn more about our commitment to the community in our latest Annual Report.

Principles of Community Benefit
To successfully achieve our mission, Inland commits resources, both financial and people, to maintain and improve our community’s well-being. Whether it is providing high-quality medical care regardless of a person’s ability to pay, offering free screenings at health events, awarding mini-grants to local organizations for community-building efforts, or being engaged on local boards and committees through a vibrant volunteer program, Inland is dedicated to our community.

Financial Assistance
It is Inland’s policy to treat all patients requiring care despite their ability to pay. Our financial assistance program is maintained on the EMHS.org website and notices are visible in key public areas.

Community Benefit Grant Program
Through our Community Benefit Grant Program, we award grants to non-profit organizations with strategies that align with Inland’s mission and identified key health priorities. We give priority to health-related initiatives, programs or services serving vulnerable or under-served populations in the Greater Waterville area, and nonprofit organizations that are working to make a measurable impact on health using evidence-informed strategies and partnerships.

Each year we have a formal application process to request community benefit grants. Applications are closed for 2018 and announcements will be made in early May. Please check back in January, 2019 when the 2019 Community Benefit process begins and an online application will be available. If you would like to be contacted when the 2019 application process starts, please email inlandcr@emhs.org.

2017 Community Benefit Grant Program Recipients

Community Collaboration
To manage the multitude of health-related and other challenges in the rural Maine community, Inland is committed to engaging collaborators to more effectively plan and implement initiatives aimed at improving health status and community well-being. Collaborators include the local Healthy Maine Partnership, community and social service agencies, schools, and many others. Learn more in our latest Annual Report.

Assessing and Prioritizing Community Needs
EMHS and Inland Hospital have enjoyed a long history of working in partnership with healthcare, public health, and community partners to identify health issues and opportunities for collaborative community health improvement. In 2015,  research to identify and prioritize community health needs was sponsored by a statewide public-private partnership including EMHS, Central Maine Healthcare, MaineGeneral Health, MaineHealth, and Maine Center for Disease Control and Prevention.
The 2016 Shared Community Health Needs Assessment (Shared CHNA) Reports are available by county and statewide on the EMHS website. These reports provide an in-depth look at population health status, risk factors, barriers to care, demographics, and social factors affecting Maine communities. They also include qualitative responses from a broad sample of stakeholders. Together, this data provides unique perspectives on the collective health of Maine people. The Shared CHNA is conducted every three years.  More...

Inland's Community Health Strategy
Inland’s Community Health Strategy helps us focus on key priorities and strategic outreach efforts in our community.  Based on the Shared CHNA results, community input, and EMHS system-wide initiatives, we identified priority community health issues contained in our three year Community Health Strategy, and set goals and local implementation strategies for the upcoming year.  Read Inland's 2017-2019 Community Health Strategy.

Community Health Activities
Inland offers a Women's Wellness Walk in downtown Waterville. Inland's LET'S GO! Family Fun Series offers activities and education for families with children on living a healthier life, and connects families to resources in their community for becoming more active.

Please visit Inland's Community Wellness website page to learn more.

Reporting Community Benefit
Inland and our parent organization, EMHS, publish a Community Benefit report annually regarding our community benefit activity. This report includes charity care and governmental underpayment, and also the value of health outreach and screenings, community-building efforts and more.

In addition, our Community Benefit activities and funding are documented in the non-profit 990 form to the IRS each year, as well as in our Annual Report to the community.

Additional Questions
If you have questions, please contact Inland Community Relations department at  inlandcr@emhs.org or 861-3293.