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Commitment to Safety and Quality

From the housekeeper and dietitian, to the nurse and doctor, every Inland staff member is dedicated to providing patients with the safest, highest quality healthcare experience possible. It’s why Inland became one of the few hospitals nationwide to publicly disclose our quality, safety and service performance measures on our web site – we want the community to hold us accountable to continuously improve. It’s why employees are held accountable for proper hand hygiene 100% of the time to avoid hospital-acquired infections, and why we encourage patients to ask their caregivers if they’ve cleaned their hands. Click here to view Inland's Quality Report to the community.

A guiding principle of Inland’s commitment to safety and quality is that you, our patients, deserve to play a more active role in your care and need information and tools to help you make the best decisions.

Through our Safe Care Together Initiative, Inland helps you learn how to be more involved, because when we work together, your care will be safer, and you will be more satisfied with your hospital experience.