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Inland Hospital’s annual Fall Pops Concert
Save the date: October 25, 2014
Inland Hospital is a 48-bed general medical and surgical hospital in Waterville, Maine, serving Kennebec and Somerset counties. It is accredited by the American Osteopathic Association. Survey data for the latest year available show 15,801 patients visited the hospital’s emergency room. The hospital had a total of 1,491 admissions. Its physicians performed 391 inpatient and 1,478 outpatient surgeries.
Also part of Inland is Lakewood, a 105-bed continuing care center on the hospital campus. Inland’s 18 primary and specialty care physician practices are located in Waterville and five surrounding communities reaching to North Anson, Madison and Unity. Inland has been a proud member of EMHS (Eastern Maine Healthcare Systems) since 1998 and thanks to its close relationship with its sister hospital, EMMC, Inland patients have seamless access to advanced care when needed.

Inland’s Birthing Center

From the moment a woman decides to have a baby, to well into the child's first year, the Birthing Center at Inland Hospital offers education and services to support mother’s choices. Inland’s compassionate and personalized approach is designed to help mothers understand their body's changes and guide her and her family through the birthing process – ensuring that her experience is comfortable and pleasant. For the second year in a row, Inland Hospital received the 2014 Women’s Choice Award ranking it among America’s Best Hospitals for Patient Experience in Obstetrics.

This year, Inland Hospital will hold its signature event, the annual Fall Pops Concert ------ with the Portland Symphony Orchestra and talented soprano, Suzanne Nance at the Waterville Opera House on Saturday, October 25, 2014.

All proceeds this year will help purchase a Centralized Fetal Monitoring System for our Birthing Center. The implementation of a health-related monitoring system in our Birthing Center will allow nurses to keep a close eye on the baby’s vital statistics from the nurses station and then if needed, remotely connect to physician practices to provide timely decisions to occur, ensuring the best health outcome for baby and mother.
According to Courtney Cook, RN, Birthing Center director, fetal monitoring is conducted at the patient's bedside and measures the baby’s heart rate as well as the frequency and duration of the uterine contractions. Cook adds, “The interpretation of this monitoring, by a qualified healthcare professional, gives a good indication of fetal well-being and/or tolerance of labor.” Centralized fetal monitoring is a delivery room monitoring system that is specifically adapted to the monitoring requirements of perinatal medicine. The data is collected via computer and is available at the bedside, the nurses' station or the provider's office or home computer. The information is then archived within the Electronic Medical Record for years versus the current paper strips which fade over time. Currently, the data is available only at the patient's bedside.
In addition to making it easier for a physician to view their patient's labor progress at home in the wee hours of the morning, or working in their office during the day, the  Birthing Center nursing staff will also be able to view the fetal monitoring of all patients at one time from the nurses station. Central monitoring will allow early intervention when a nurse or physician cannot be at the bedside at all times. 
Inland had 356 deliveries in 2013 and we are anticipating more than 400 deliveries this year.
In addition to monitoring laboring inpatients, Central Fetal Monitoring is important in serving our outpatient population as well. The Inland Birthing Center had more than 500+ outpatient visits in 2013 and Fetal Monitoring was used in more than 90% of those visits. Trending for this year is already showing a significant increase in these numbers as well. Often the primary purpose of an outpatient visit to an Obstetrical Department is for Fetal Monitoring to check fetal well-being due to injury, decreased fetal movement or simply to assess for onset of true labor. Centralized monitoring would allow remote viewing for providers for the 800+ patients placed on fetal monitoring each year through inpatient and outpatient Birthing Center services.
Community Matters
We are proud to be associated with individuals, businesses and foundations that share our passion for our community. Thank you for your consideration of our request to help us raise $125,000 for a Centralized Fetal Monitoring System for our smallest patients at Inland Hospital.

April 24 – May 1, 2014
In 2010 Lakewood initiated an annual auction to create an avenue of funding that would ensure residents from Alzheimer’s  and our long-term care neighborhoods would have the opportunity to enjoy the beautiful summer days on the coast of Maine for an entire week. The successful auctions have not only allowed residents to enjoy the beautiful Maine summer, but we have raised enough to purchase other capital items each year as well.
This year the auction will be featured online to reach more people and make it more accessible for people’s schedules. That said, we must gather auction items that will attract people to first look at the auction site and then to bid high to ensure we reach our goal of $23,500 to send seniors to the coast, purchase a Marissa lift and furniture throughout their living areas at Lakewood. 

Would you consider making your donation this year by selecting the Inland Hospital Foundation link here? Please contact Lakewood’s communication director, Liz Hollingdale at ehollingdale@emhs.org for auction details or Donna-Jo Mitchell, senior director of philanthropy, at dmitchell@emhs.org

The online auction will start April 24, 2014 and end at 12 noon on May 1, 2014.  Auction winners will be called the afternoon of May 1st to collect their winnings.

The annual trip to the coast for our residents helps maintain that critical connection to the community while guaranteeing the safety and dignity of our residents.

Thank you very much for supporting our residents at Lakewood.