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Growing to meet community needs

Release Date: 08/12/2013

An update on happenings at Inland  
To care for and serve our community is the mission of Inland Hospital, a member of EMHS (Eastern Maine Healthcare Systems). Inland is proud to grow and enhance healthcare services (in some innovative ways!) to meet the community’s needs, as well as invest in prevention efforts that will make a difference in the health of future generations.

Renovation of the Medical-Surgical and ICU Units
You’ve probably noticed all the construction crews and materials outside of Inland Hospital on Kennedy Memorial Drive. Well, just imagine the activity going on inside the hospital! The medical-surgical unit is in the middle of a $5.7 million renovation project. “We are creating a superb healing environment that promotes even better patient care and practice environment for staff,” says John Dalton, Inland President/CEO. Aging semi-private rooms are being replaced with beautiful private rooms that give patients and families more space and privacy.

We are making great progress and adding elements that make the unit state-of-the-art, such as specialized lifting equipment in the ceilings,” notes Rick Barry, RN, Vice President of Patient Care Services. “Both our patients and our staff have been wonderful as we keep half of the unit open during the renovation. Construction crews have been great about sound control and making sure the unit is safe and clean while we care for patients.”

The entire project is expected to be complete in early fall.

Innovative models of primary care
Thanks to being part of EMHS, Inland’s family practices are involved in an innovative way of delivering primary care and the model is demonstrating improvement in care coordination, efficiency, effectiveness, and quality - all while reducing costs.

EMHS was invited to become one of only 32 organizations nationwide to participate in what is called a Pioneer Accountable Care Organization (ACO). The Pioneer part reflects that the healthcare approach is new and different – the Accountable part means that EMHS and members like Inland agree to hold themselves accountable to improve the health of patients at a lower cost, or lose part of the government reimbursement for services provided.

On July 18, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) announced the results from the first performance year for the Pioneer ACOs. “These results show that successful Pioneer ACOs have reduced costs for Medicare and improved the quality of care for their patients,” said CMS administrator Marilyn Tavenner. 

Gavin Ducker, MD, Inland’s lead primary care physician and a doctor at Inland Family Care in Unity explains one of the innovative ways primary care is changing under the ACO model. “We now have Registered Nurses in every practice whose primary job is to keep in regular contact with our patients who have just been discharged from the hospital. They help coordinate needed follow-up care.  This important approach has resulted in a dramatic reduction in hospital re-admissions. We also now have a specialized team of nurses, social workers and other home health experts who can visit our patients at home if needed, or help them access other community resources, such as transportation to medical appointments. This has resulted in improved patient care, improved patient satisfaction - and we have done it all while reducing overall spending.”
To make an appointment with an Inland primary care doctor, call toll-free, 800-914-1409.

New Healthcare Providers
Did you know that Inland has 18 specialty and primary care practices in Waterville and the surrounding communities? Specialties include cardiology, neurology, orthopedics, rheumatology, internal medicine, general surgery and OB/GYN. Inland’s newest specialist is a foot and ankle doctor. Jared Wilkinson, DPM joined Inland’s staff in July. He is accepting patients at Inland Foot and Ankle located at 325D Kennedy Memorial Drive in Waterville. To make an appointment, call 861-7862.

Long-Term Prevention – Let’s Go! Family Fun Series
The rate of childhood obesity and related chronic disease in local communities is growing and one way Inland is making a difference is by promoting family involvement in physical activity and healthy eating.

Last year, Inland started the “Let’s Go! Family Fun Series” which offers a monthly activity (such as walking, snowshoeing or swimming) for families to get active together. “Providing these activities and access to free and low-cost resources is helping families to make changes that will have a long-term impact on our community’s health,” explains Ellen Wells, Inland’s Community Wellness Coordinator. Inland’s main partners in the Let’s Go! Series include Waterville Parks & Recreation Department and the Alfond Youth Center.
A “Family Fun Day” kick-off event for the 2013-2014 series will be held on Saturday, September 14 from 9am-Noon at the Inland Woods Trailhead behind Inland Hospital. The event and monthly series are free and parents can sign up at any Let’s Go! event. For a schedule and more information, visit www.inlandhospital.org or call 861-3292.

Inland is a member of EMHS and connected to EMMC to benefit our patients and communities. Visit www.inlandhospital.org to learn more.