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Inland practices receive Let's Go! awards

Release Date: 11/12/2013

Inland Hospital is proud to announce that five of their Inland Family Care and New Horizons Health Care practices and their Diabetes & Nutrition Wellness Department have recently been recognized for promoting healthy eating and active living among their patient population.  The hospital-owned practices were among 15 healthcare sites in the EMHS system and 77 pediatric and family practices statewide to receive the LET’S GO! Healthcare Sites of Distinction award for their commitment to curb childhood obesity. Waterville Pediatrics also received the award.
Healthcare providers at the recognized practices promote the 5-2-1-0 messages that make up the LET’S GO! program to encourage healthy lifestyle choices: they support the program by having conversations with young patients and their families about daily habits that impact their lives and future health status; hanging LET’S GO! posters in their waiting area and exam rooms; and tracking Body Mass Index (BMI).
LET’S GO! promotes four easy-to-remember healthy lifestyle messages throughout Maine’s communities in the form of 5-2-1-0: Five or more fruits and vegetables; two hours or less of recreational screen time; one or more hours of physical activity; and zero sugary drinks, more water and low-fat milk.
Inland Hospital recognizes the seriousness of childhood obesity in Kennebec and Somerset Counties; through collaborative efforts with other local organizations, the hospital also provides support for the program in schools and other settings throughout the community to decrease childhood obesity rates.
To learn more, visit www.inlandhospital.org or www.letsgo.org or contact Ellen Wells, Community Wellness Coordinator at ewells@emhs.org /207-861-3292.