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Roadside delivery leads to Inland Birthing Ctr

Release Date: 07/15/2013

A couple from Jackman took an unplanned detour on the way to Inland Hospital on July 12 where they were planning to deliver their fourth child.

The adventure started when Jill and Chris Demanski left their home in Jackman for the two hour ride to Waterville. Jill’s contractions were about 12 minutes apart when she called the Inland Birthing Center to let the staff know they’d be arriving about 8am…but baby Michael didn’t feel like waiting – July 12 was his due date after all! Only 15 minutes from Inland Jill told her husband he needed to stop the car. Chris called On-Star, the car’s safety communication system, and pulled into a driveway in Fairfield - he barely had enough time to get around to the passenger side to help deliver his first son. The couple has three daughters, ages three, five, and 11.

Jill recalls, “Chris opened the car door and I flung my legs out---he practically caught the baby as he came out. We had a little pushing to do but not much!” Chris says, “The EMS crew got there just a few minutes after the baby was born – we appreciate everything they did. They helped me cut the umbilical cord. The OnStar medical team had already been talking us through how to check the baby’s airway and tie off the umbilical cord with a shoelace – it’s all we had in the car. But everything turned out just fine!

Jill smiles as she mentions that they just got a new vehicle two weeks ago to accommodate their growing family. “The EMTs did a great job cleaning up the car, but I’m pretty sure we are going to need a professional detailing job.

Even though Inland is two hours from their home, the new Mom says they chose to come here because friends in Jackman recommended Dr. Joyce Stein and the Inland Birthing Center. Dr. Stein is with Inland Women’s Health Care in Waterville. “Dr. Stein and everyone in the office is so caring and friendly – they joke with you and make you feel comfortable.” Jill adds. “And the Birthing Center nurses are just the best! They and Dr. Stein greeted us at the elevator when we arrived with cheers and laughter. Everyone feels like a friend here.

Dr. Stein happily reports that Mom, baby and Dad are doing great. “Sometimes Mother Nature reminds us that she is in charge – and the truth is, when it comes to babies – you just can’t plan everything!” Dr. Stein is seen in photo with Jill and baby Michael.

Inland Hospital has been named as a Best Hospital for Patient Experience in Obstetrics by Women Certified. The award is based on women’s preferences, recommendation rating and clinical excellence. Inland is a proud member of EMHS.

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