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Welcome to the Spiritual Care Program at Inland

Hospitalizations can be challenging for patients and families. At Inland, we are committed to providing you with the highest quality healthcare and to meeting your emotional and spiritual needs. Spiritual Care is available to all patients and families regardless of faith, tradition, or beliefs. Spiritual Care Program, which is led by a Spiritual Care Coordinator and supported by community volunteer clergy and Eucharistic ministers, provides support, conversation, blessings and prayer, if requested.
If you are interested in a Spiritual Care visit during a stay at Inland, please contact:
  • Inland’s Spiritual Care Coordinator at (207) 861-3121, or
  • ask your nurse or Provider to contact our Spiritual Care Coordinator at ext. 3121, or
  • call the switchboard operator (207) 861-3000 for assistance.
Contact information:     
Reverend Lauren Seganos Cohen, MDiv, Inland Spiritual Care Coordinator
(207) 861-3121 or lcohen@emhs.org