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Community Health Needs Assessment

Inland Pricing

To help our patients obtain a reasonable estimate of expected costs for services provided by Inland Hospital, we are available to answer your questions and provide you with an average price for services.

By definition, average means that most patient bills will have higher or lower prices than the average price listed for a given case or procedure. The services you receive are based on your individual need and medical condition. Additional tests or services not listed in the estimate may be ordered by your doctor or provider, in order to treat, diagnose or care for individual needs.

Typically, a hospitalized patient receives a bill from a hospital facility for services provided, plus a separate bill from any private physician such as a radiologist, pathologist, etc. who provided care. Inland Hospital employs many physicians and often includes their services as part of the hospital bill. However, we have removed employed physician charges to allow patients to make an equal comparison with other hospitals.